Registration FAQS

How do I attend Costume College?

By submitting a Registration Form and fees. The Registration Form is available on-line. Please check our Registration page for information. Some of the classes offered at Costume College are limited in the number of students of who can attend; therefore there will be a separate form (and fees) to sign up for these classes.  Please contact the Registrar at [email protected] with questions.

When does Costume College Registration open?

Costume College Registration opens in April and closes in June. The deadline to register is published on the Registration page. Space is limited so it is possible that we will sell out before the published deadline to register.

Can I still register for Costume College and/or purchase Gala tickets and Tea tickets?

The deadline to register for Costume College and/or purchase tickets to the Gala and/or Tea is in June. However space is limited so it is possible that we will sell out before the deadline.

Can I attend any of the classes without having to register for Costume College?

Emphatically NO. Unless you have registered for Costume College, you may not attend any classes or participate in any tours. You may attend the Gala or Tea if you have purchased a ticket for those events, and anyone may come into the Costumer’s Marketplace to shop, but you may not attend any other event, class, program, or tour presented at or by Costume College without registering.

Can I register for only one day of Costume College?

If space is available we will offer single day passes.  These passes are sold at Costume College and are not available for purchase before Costume College.  Please check our Registration page in July to see if single day passes will be offered.

Can I register on-site for Costume College?

If space is available we will open registration at Costume College. Please check our Registration page in July to see if on-site registration will be offered.

How old do you have to be to register for Costume College?

Costume College does not have a minimum age requirement.  However, all attendees under the age of 18 must present signed permission from a parent or guardian to attend. The form can be found on our website. Minor students must have a parent or guardian on the premises at all times (please see Minor Policy for further details). Adult attendees MAY ONLY PARTICIPATE IN CLASSES, LECTURES AND OTHER NON-OPEN TO THE PUBLIC COSTUME COLLEGE EVENTS IF THEY HAVE PAID FULL REGISTRATION FEES. Any attendee under 18, who wishes to attend a Tour must be accompanied by an adult (additional fees will apply).

How many people can attend Costume College?

We generally limit our student attendance at Costume College to around 700, due to space in the hotel and the number of classes we are able to offer.

I really want to go Costume College, but it’s sold out. Is there a waiting list?

No. There is no waiting list.

What does the Costume College registration fee include?

The fee for Costume College includes all lecture classes and the opportunity to purchase any workshop classes and tours. (Workshop classes and Tours require a separate registration form. ) Your registration fee does not guarantee you a place in workshop classes or on the tours. The registration fee also includes entrance into all non-ticketed events associated with Costume College including the Friday Night Social, the Lounge, and Bargain Basement. You will also receive all registration and student publications and materials.

I registered on-line but haven’t received confirmation of my registration. Whom should I contact?

Please contact our Registrar at [email protected] who knows all regarding who is coming and what they have purchased.

I registered for Costume College. What happens next?

Once you have submitted a registration form and payed your registration fees for Costume College you will receive two emails: a payment confirmation email and a Welcome Letter from Costumer's Guild West. If you do not receive either email, please check your CGW account/profile under messages. Then in May you will receive an email with information on how to sign-up and pay for Workshop classes. For questions, please contact our Registrar at [email protected].

Registration Refunds/Transfers

If you do not find the answer to your question or need more detailed information, please contact the Registrar at [email protected].

I registered for Costume College, but now I cannot attend.  Can I get a refund?

Yes. Registration fees are refundable, please see the Refund & Transfer page for details on our Refund Policy.

I registered for Costume College, but I want to transfer it to someone else.  Can I do that and if so how?

No, you cannot transfer your Registration.