The theme for the 2022 Costume Exhibit will be “Inspirations: From Start to Finish”. We’ll be taking submissions (whole costumes or accessories) of your creations inspired by a movie/TV series, a book, painting, fashion plates, or extant clothing. Show how your costume started from a single thought or idea and grew into a finished outfit! The more detailed and fabulous, the better!

Submission forms are due June 30, and acceptance letters will be emailed by July 7.

Your submission form will require:

  • A written description of how your inspiration started
  • A written description of your process of converting inspiration to final product (a few paragraphs)
  • A photo of your inspiration (which will be displayed with your submission)
  • A photo of the costume(s) and/or accessor(ies) you will be submitting
  • An itemized list of all costume item(s) (i.e. corset, underthings, hats, shoes, gloves, jewelry, etc.)
  • SEND YOUR COMPLETED FORM TO [email protected]

2022 Costume Exhibit Submission Form


Exhibitors will bring their costume(s) and/or accessor(ies) to Costume College, and dress the dress form themselves on Thursday, between 7:00pm-9:00pm.  Our grand opening takes place on Friday at 9am. The dress forms have no heads. Accessory submissions will be displayed on tables. The Exhibit closes on Sunday at 3:00pm. All submissions must be picked up between 3:00pm-5:00pm, no exceptions.

Please contact the Exhibits Committee with any questions. [email protected]

Valarie LaBore, Costume Exhibits Committee


 Costumes on displayCostume on display with women standing next to itCostume Display


Exhibits hours (subject to change):

Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday:  9am-5pm
Sunday:  9am-11:30am