Check In at Costume College

We are pleased to bring you Check-In, your gateway to a wonderful weekend of costuming of all eras. This is a grand time, when alumni and newcomers gather together to share the excitement and connect with friends.

Check-In for students and teachers will open at 7:00pm on Thursday, closing at 9:00pm and will open again Friday morning at 7:00am to 11:00am. Afterwards all packages that have not been picked up will be left at the Information Desk until Sunday.

A reminder to teachers – you will have YOUR OWN CHECK-IN AREA on Thursday evening. Please pick up your packets in Hidden Hills while you enjoy the Teacher Reception. If you are both a teacher and a student, please go the TEACHER area. All of your check-in material will be there, so you do not need to stand in both lines.

                                                            check-in packet