Check In at Costume College

Welcome to Costume College 2022!!!  We are pleased to bring you Check-In, your gateway to our wonderful new world of costuming for all eras.  This is a great time, when alumni and newcomers can gather together to share the excitement and connect with friends.

If you are returning to Costume College, you will notice several changes to Check-In. In the interest of space, Check-In will no longer be in the lobby in front of the Information Desk, it will be held in Salon F for students and the Lounge in Hidden Hills for teachers. You will be able to choose which swag you want to pick-up along with your registration materials. We will be checking ID’s  and vaccination/Covid test status before handing out badges, so please remember to bring your ID and proof of vaccination/negative Covid test.

Check-In for Students will open on Thursday July 28, at 6:30pm continuing to 9:00pm, in Salon F across from the Information desk, and will continue on Friday morning from 7:30am to 9:00am in the lobby near the Information desk. After that all registration materials that have not been picked up will be available at the Information desk through Sunday, July 31, 2022.

Check-In for Teachers will open on Thursday July 28, at 6:30pm continuing to 9:00pm, in the Hidden Hills Lounge. Teachers can also pick up their materials at the Morning Teacher Hospitality in Hidden Hills.  Please do not get in-line with the students.  If you are both a Teacher and a Student, you only have to check-in at the Teacher’s Check-In as all your materials will be there. No need to stand and wait in two lines!

Students will receive:

  • The Program Book, which includes maps, schedules, and course descriptions.
  • The Pocket Guide, your portable program information.
  • Your Costume College 2022 Badge – you are required to wear your badge at all times while in the hotel.
  • “Titanic, A Night to Remember” Gala or “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies” Tea tickets, if purchased.
  • “Titanic, A Night to Remember” Gala or “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies” Tea tickets special meal card, if requested.

Don’t forget to download the app (instructions in the Social Media section). It is a great complement to your registration materials.

To all our Volunteers, thank you for your support! To potential Volunteers, please consider giving Check-In an hour or two of your time, it is a great way to support Costume College and meet the other attendees.

See you at Check-In!
Donna Curtis
Check-In Chair

WHEN: Thursday at 6:30pm (start)
WHO: Students – WHERE: Salon F across from the Information desk
WHO: Teachers – WHERE: Hidden Hills Lounge

                                                            check-in packet