Bargain Basement

Bargain BasementBargain Basement

Sunday, July 30, 2023
7:30am to 12:00pm




The Bargain Basement at Costume College is the perfect place for costumers to increase the treasures of their hoards.  When you and everyone else donate the parts of your stash that no longer have fit or no longer sparks joy, you have made room for new treasures or inspiration! Plus someone else might find those things a perfect fit for what they need!

Those patterns you don’t use anymore, or your children have now outgrown? That fabric someone gave you that’s just not your style? That fabric you bought 15 years ago, and you now think won't work for your projects? The outfits you made that don't fit at all anymore, or just don't meet your aesthetic? Extra hats, shoes, or accessories that no longer work with your costumes? An excess of notions? That “spare” sewing machine and those craft supplies you never got around to using? Donate all of it to the Bargain Basement! Please be aware, however, that that we cannot accept some kinds of items, such as electronics (electronic sewing machines are ok), spray paints, or any item that would incur a “hazardous waste disposal” fee if we cannot sell it.

stacks of fabricAll proceeds from the Bargain Basement go to CGW's Costume College Scholarship Fund, thus allowing CGW to continue to offer scholarships to students who would not otherwise be able to attend. Items donated to the Bargain Basement may be tax deductible, and CGW offers donation receipts for tax purposes.

At this time donations can only be drop-off on site - hours will be announced closer to the event date. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE DONATIONS IN THE HALLWAY!

Shoppers are welcome to visit (and volunteer!) the Bargain Basement while it is being organized before the Sunday sale hours.

Shopping Procedures on Sunday: Shopping opens at 7:30 am. The number of shoppers in the room is  limited. Pick up your line number starting at 6:30am. Only one number per person. You must pick up your own number; no place-holding for friends.. Entrance is restricted to Costume College, students, teachers and volunteers only before 11am.You must have your badge to receive a number. 

Wheeled carts or rolling luggage are not allowed. You will be given a  large shopping bag for the items you wish to purchase – personal bags are not allowed. Once your bag is full, you must check out. Stacking items in the room or at the checkout desk is not permitted. You are welcome to rejoin the line and re-enter as many times as you like.. Cash or credit cards are accepted for payment. Please be courteous and try to do your shopping quickly. We recommend frequent visits to  the Bargain Basement during the weekend to see what treasures will be for sale. Just be mindful that things may be rearranged frequently during the organizing and may not be in the same location.

At 11am, shoppers may purchase a large trash-style bags for $5 to fill up with ANY remaining item(s).

Volunteer! Don’t forget to volunteer! We need your help with the enormous job of organizing donations,  and crowd control during the sale. Bonus! You get a first look at the wonderful items donated as you sort and organize! 

Bargain Basement hours (subject to change):
  • Donation Drop-Off:
    • Thursday: N/A
    • Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm
    • Saturday: 9:00am to 3:00pm NO DONATIONS AFTER 3PM!!
  • Shopping Hours: 
    • Sunday: 7:30am to 12:00pm

Location: Hermosa Room