Bargain Basement

Bargain Basement

Sunday, July 31, 2022
7:30am to 12:00pm

The Bargain Basement at Costume College is the perfect place for costumers to donate the parts of their stash that they no longer have a use for or no longer sparks joy. AND it’s the perfect place find that one of kind item that you have been looking for.

Those patterns you don’t use anymore, or your children have now outgrown? That fabric someone gave you that’s hideous? That fabric you bought 15 years ago, and you now think is hideous? A tired bunch of notions? That “spare” sewing machine and craft supplies you never got around to using? Donate all of it to the Bargain Basement! Please be aware, however, that that we cannot accept some kinds of items, such as electronics (electronic sewing machines are ok), spray paints, or any item that would incur a “hazardous waste disposal” fee if we cannot sell it.

The proceeds from the Bargain Basement go to CGW's Costume College Scholarship Fund, thus allowing CGW to continue to offer scholarships to students who would not other wise be able to attend. Items donated to the Bargain Basement may be tax deductible, therefor, CGW offers donation receipts for tax purposes.

At this time donations can only be drop-off on site - hours will be announced closer to the event date.