Workshop Registration FAQ

Registration for Workshops and Tours will be open between April and June 2024.  The instructions will be sent out in an email in April 2024 with the subject line “Costume College 2024 Workshop and Tour Information”.  Deadline for Workshop/Tour Registration Forms is June 17, 2024.

We changed the names.

If you have previously attended Costume College, you will notice the "Limited' and "Unlimited" terms are no longer used to differentiate between class types. This was a deliberate change to accompany our new stream-lined registration system. To make things simpler, we will only track attendance for for hands-on classes where the teacher needs a specific head-count to prepare kits in advance -- these are Workshops. All other classes, where the head-count is more flexible (previously known as 'Unlimited') are now referred to as Lectures.

We changed registration.

We are now able to accept payment at the time of workshop registration. This fundamentally changes how we can do signups. We no longer need to wait for checks to arrive, or for someone to be accepted and then type in a credit card. When you add your Workshop class on the website, you pay for it. This will work somewhat similar to how we handled Tea/Gala tickets in the past. We will be posting more details on how this process works in the future.

Why did you make this change?

We were big fans of the completely random lottery system, but it was painful to maintain, very time-consuming, and required a level of technical expertise that was hard to find. We needed to streamline the system. We know the dependence on a timed registration open window will make life harder for students in different countries and time zones, as well as those with intermittent internet access, but the previous model was not sustainable for our volunteer organization. 

We hope to balance this change by making sure we have a full and compelling schedule of lecture classes.

Can I register for workshop classes offline or through U.S. mail?

At this time, you cannot. The only offline option will be on-site workshop registration at Costume College, but those classes will be limited to remaining seats in certain workshops where the teacher has the flexibility/kits to handle walk-ins.

More questions and answers coming soon!

Things to remember about Workshops:

  • Workshops and Tours are not transferrable to anyone at any time.
  • There is no monitoring of workshop classes. Do not approach a teacher and ask if you can join or even sit quietly and watch a class.
  • Payment for workshops is made when you register for the class
  • There are many, many lecture classes. Don’t forget to look at the full class list when you are making your plans.
  • We do not maintain waitlists for workshop classes.  If someone drops a class, that spot will open up for everyone while Workshop Registration is still open.

Additional information on how the sign-up process for workshops along with tips on scheduling can be found on the Classes-Workshop page, here. 

If you have any questions please contact Costume College Programming at [email protected]