Costumer’s Guild West, Inc.
1917 Crestshire Drive
Glendale, CA 91208

Committee Members

Please remember that all Costume College committee members are volunteers. It usually takes about 48 hours for us to return your e-mail.

Costume College Dean: Paige Mattern

Assistant Dean: TBD

Registrar: Becca Metzger

Treasurer: Becca Metzger

Hotel Liaison: Maegen Hensley

CGW President: Kristen Foggie

CGW Vice president: Samatha Berry



Bargain Basement: Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Prill

Caught On Camera: (Postponed until 2023)

Check-in: Donna Curtis, assisted by Diane Lindsey

Exhibits: Valarie LaBore, assisted by Jody Ragan

Information: Sara Bacon, assisted by Heidi Pritchett

Marketplace: Lois Munera, assisted by Kristian Munera

The Lounge: Julie Fox, assisted by Eileen Smolenskie

Tours-Fabric District: Natalie Meyer, assisted by Cheryl Avirom

Tours-Costume Safari: Cheryl Avirom, assisted by Natalie Meyer

Volunteers: Tammy Horn



Thursday Welcome Party: Kristen Hopkins assisted by Emily Hery 

Friday Night Social: Laura Bower

Saturday's Time Traveler's Gala: Danelle Garrison assisted by Gina Cowley 

Sunday Breakfast: Kelly Ramin

Sunday's Fantasy Tea: Jeannine Wayman, assisted by Sherrell Whye

Trunk Show: Sherry Ramaila


Behind the Scenes

Operations: Angel Kirvin, assisted by Jasmine Robertson

Programming-Teachers: Lauren Dedow

Programming-Students: Rebecca Gose assisted by Jill Woiteshek

Publications: Sara Reeve, assisted by Heidi Pritchett

Raffles: Erin Petersen

Social Media: Rebecca Thelin, assisted by Julie Fox

Social Media-Apps: Heather Pritchett, assisted by Gillian Bailey

Website: Gillian Bailey

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