Costume College 2024 Bonus Track: Fabulous Fitting2024 Bonus Track: Fabulous Fitting

Are you frustrated with trying to make something that actually fits you? Is the back of your costume impossible to try and fit? Does it fit on your dress/fitting form but not when you put it on? Did you know there are tricks that can help you with that? And you can even do it yourself! We are excited to offer a mix of Lecture and Workshop classes, focused on fitting as well as two Lectures by our fitting expert guest teacher.

The 2024 Class Schedules will be available online shortly before Registration opens in April.



What is the bonus track?

The Bonus Track classes are intended to allow students to learn techniques and create projects they will be able to wear and display the following year, in keeping with the Possible Future Theme for the following year. These classes follow the same format as other classes but are focused around a core theme. We generally devote around 10% of the classes to the Bonus Track, so if you are completely uninterested, there are still plenty of other classes to take on a large variety of costuming topics.