Bonus Track

Costume College 2023 Bonus Track:

A straw bonnet, a red hat with flowers and a tan and green hat with flowers hanging on a wall.

What is the bonus track?

The bonus track classes are intended to allow students to learn techniques and create projects they will be able to wear and display the following year, in keeping with the Possible Future Theme for the following year. These are the same as the other classes, in that they are a mix of lecture, demo and workshop classes. We generally devote around 10% of the classes to the bonus track, so if you are completely uninterested in the bonus track, there are still plenty of other classes to take on a large variety of costuming topics.


Calling all hat makers and appreciators!

We are looking for teachers for lectures and demos on all things hats and headwear.

Class suggestions:

  • Lecture: slideshow/lecture of hat history; changes of each decade.
  • Demos: quick & dirty hats; how to create an inexpensive hat or reshaping a hat
  • Lecture/Demo: techniques for trimming hats (attaching ribbons/flowers, etc)
  • Lecture/Demo: Fantasy Headpieces
  • Lecture/Demo OR workshop: simple hair decorations
  • Lecture: slideshow - matching hat silhouette to the time period