Event FAQS

What are the events at Costume College?

*Requires an admission ticket, available for purchase in advance only.
**Requires a Costume College badge (membership, teacher, or volunteer).
***Open to the public.
+No-host bar available.
++No-host meal in the hotel restaurant. (You must pay for your own meal.)

Saturday Time Traveler’s Gala and Sunday Fantasy Tea Tickets

If you do not find the answer to your question or need more detailed information, please contact the Registrar at [email protected].

How do I purchase a ticket for the Gala and/or Tea?

Gala and Tea tickets are available for purchase as part of the Costume College registration process. Fill out the application online.  Gala and Tea Tickets go on sale in April.  Tickets will be sold until June, or until sold out.  Please contact the Registrar at [email protected] with questions.

Do I need to register for Costume College to get into the Gala or Tea?

No.  Tickets for the Gala and Tea are sold separately.  You may attend either event by buying a ticket for that event.

The Gala and/or Tea is sold out.  Is there a waiting list for refunded tickets?

No. There is no waiting list, and there are no transfers.

Are Gala and Tea Tickets refundable?

Yes. Please see our Refund and Transfer Policy for complete details. 

I bought a Gala and/or Tea ticket, but I want to Transfer it to someone else.  Can I do that and if so how?

No, we only offer refunds for Gala and/or Tea tickets, but no transfers.

You may also sell your ticket at Costume College by posting a note at the Information Desk saying you have a ticket for sale and how a buyer may contact you. Please remember this is a direct purchase from the original buyer of the Gala and/or Tea ticket(s) and is not under the control of Costume College. Costume College is not responsible for any part of your sale/purchase of these ticket(s). Costume College is not responsible for finding a buyer for you, nor can we directly assist you with finding one. Gala and/or Tea ticket(s) cannot be resold for an amount greater than the original purchase price.

What do I do if I’m a vegetarian or allergic to something being served at the Gala and/or Tea?

Menus for the Gala and Tea will be available prior to purchasing tickets in the Registration Book or on this website.  At the time of purchasing tickets, you can choose which version of the menu you want, for you and everyone you are purchasing a ticket for.  There are no food substitutions for any of the meals offered at the Gala and/or the Tea. Contact the Gala Mistress or Tea Mistress for more information.

What kind of music is played at the Gala? Do I need to bring a date?

All types of music from centuries past to present day are played at the Gala. We accommodate a few historical dance interests (waltzes, two-steps, one-steps, tangos, polkas, swing, etc.) with a helping of rock-and-roll and modern music. The energy of the crowd often determines the direction the music and dances will take.  Specialized historical dances such as the Virginia Reel may be taught or called at the Gala, and we have fun traditions we observe such as the “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. While all our dances are social and many of the historical dances are constructed for couples specifically, partners can often be found for our guests who are single and/or unaccompanied; there is no need to bring your own partner to join in the festivities.

I don’t have a Gala ticket, but I want to participate in the Red Carpet. May I?

Everyone is invited to participate in the Red Carpet! One of the best times to view costumes during the weekend is the hour before the Gala begins. “Paparazzi” and those whose evening plans don’t include the Gala line up starting in the hallway leading from the elevators to the Gala to take photos of all the lovely Time Travelers in their fancy evening wear.

The Portrait Studio is also open Saturday evening so that Gala ticket holders (or people just wanting to walk the Red Carpet) can get professional portraits taken, in singles or in groups.  A neutral backdrop is also available for selfies or pictures taken by friends.

I don’t have a Gala ticket, but I want to purchase a raffle ticket. May I?

Certainly! Check at the Information Desk on Friday and Saturday to find out where and when you can buy your Raffle Tickets. They should be able to tell you about the fabulous raffle prizes, too!

I don’t have a Gala ticket, but I want to dance. May I?

After dessert is served, the doors to the Gala open up for dancing by all Costume College students. Ask at the Information Desk and look for posted signs to tell you what time the doors will open. (There is no secret song, password, or code that will alert you to the doors opening.)

Do I have to have a ticket to go to all the events?

No. The Thursday Welcome Party is open to the public, with a no-host bar serving food and beverages. Student Orientation is open to all students. The Friday Night Social is open to all students, teachers, and volunteers. The Sunday Breakfast doesn’t have a ticket, but you are required to buy breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

What do I wear?

  • Welcome Party – Held outdoors, and it’s summer, so prepare for heat. You may dress to the theme or wear street clothes. Think casual, pool-side wear!
  • Freshman Orientation – Wear the clothes you wear to classes.
  • Friday Social – Dress to the theme or wear the clothes you wore to classes or wear your favorite costume, new or old.
  • Time Traveler’s Gala – This is the fanciest event at Costume College. Dress to the theme or wear your favorite dress-up costume or wear evening attire. Suits, tuxedos, gowns, and cocktail dresses would all fit in.
  • Sunday Bargain Basement - Wear the clothes you wear to classes
  • Sunday Breakfast – Dress to the theme in order to get a ribbon! This is the opportunity to show off parts of an outfit that we don’t normally get to see, but be sure that whatever you wear covers you up appropriately!
  • Fantasy Tea – Dress as you would for a fancy daytime event. You can dress to the theme or wear your favorite daywear costume or a nice modern outfit. Suits, tea dresses, and nice day dresses would all fit in.
  • Trunk Show - Wear the clothes you wear to classes.  Space is tight, and it's the end of the weekend, so be comfortable!

How do I find someone to sit with?

  • Welcome Party – This is a mixer. There are a few chairs and most people stand. If you don’t know anyone, be sure to let the Welcome Party chair know. They will make sure to introduce you to a few people.
  • Freshman Orientation – This is a classroom. Sit anywhere. You will probably find some other newbies that are in your next few classes, too.
  • Friday Social – This is a mostly stand-up event; although there are some chairs. You will probably recognize people from the pool party and classes.  A good way to strike up a conversation is to ask someone about their costume.
  • Time Traveler’s Gala – Reserved seating is available for groups of 8-10 people. To reserve a table, sign up at the Information Desk. If you are solo or in a group of fewer than 8 people, look for one of the non-reserved tables or ask for help finding a seat at the door.
  • Sunday Bargain Basement – You may meet people in line, or in the space.  This is on Sunday, so you'll probably see people you know.
  • Sunday Breakfast – If you are dining solo, you may meet others in line that have one or two or even three in their party. Sometimes the Sunday Breakfast liaison (who will meet you in the line with a ribbon) might have a suggestion for a place to sit with others. The quickest thing to order is the buffet, but there is also menu service.
  • Fantasy Tea – The seating is not reserved*, so you’ll want to find a table as soon as you enter. Just look around for a table that doesn’t have the napkin removed from all the places or coats on the chairs. The tables seat several people, so you’re sure to meet someone new at tea. *The tea mistress usually holds one table in reserve for the dean, the president, special guest teachers and entertainers.
  • Trunk Show – You may meet people in line, or in the space.  This is on Sunday, so you'll probably see people you know.