Saturday Time Traveler's Gala


Titanic: A Night to Remember....


TitanicThe Titanic and its sister ships were known for their immense size and extreme opulence designed for the upper echelon of the wealthy and well-to-do guests aboard this luxury liner. This year at Costume College 2022, with our much anticipated return to an in-person event, we will be getting a glimpse of what these guests might have seen and felt upon entering the First Class dining rooms of the Titanic.

Fine dining, live music, and opportunities to have your photograph taken in front of the Grand Staircase await you!

This is the place where your evening finery will help set the scene for an evening in which the feats of mankind’s ingenuity will be celebrated.

We all know that the First Class were not the only passengers on board. This magnificent ship “that not even God himself could sink”, was supposed to be a new beginning for many of the lower deck passengers. Each table will be graced with informational cards about the Titanic and its passengers.

Come join us for an evening of festivities and celebrate the courage of the passengers of the Titanic!

Kristen Darville-Foggie
Gala Mistress Costume College 2022

Saturday, July 30, 2022
6:30pm for drinks; 7:30 for Dinner*
Doors open to Costume College attendees at 9:00pm for Raffles and dancing.
Salon F
Warner Center Marriott

A separate ticket is required to attend this event.  Tickets go on sale April 2, 2022!

Saturday’s Gala Tickets:  CGW Members: $85
                                                  Non-Members: $95

To purchase tickets please go to the Registration page.

*Ticket sales closes June 15, 2022, however space is limited and may sell out prior to this date.*

A vegetarian menu may be requested with ticket purchase.
Gala Dinner Menu

*Proof of vaccination(s) (series completed by Thursday, July 14th, 2022) or recent negative PCR COVID test (within 72 hours) will be required per CGW policy at the door for the Saturday Gala.  This is due to that large number of people eating in an enclosed space at these events.  Antigen or other rapid tests will not be accepted.

*Properly fitting face masks (no bandanas or face shields, please) must be worn during the dance portion of the Gala. The CDC recommends wearing surgical masks or higher-level respirators (e.g., N95s, KN95s, KF94s) with good fit.  *Masks will be required after the doors open for dancing.