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How to Access the App - Information from 2023

To access the Costume College 2023 App, you need to download our app provider “Cvent Events”, which is available in most standard app stores.

Our event is visible, so search for “Costume College”. When you attempt to download the event, it will ask for the event id. Please enter “CGW CostumeCollege2023”. Please note the single space.

When the event loads, you will be asked to accept notifications. These are optional and you can decline. 

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How to Create an Account on the App

In order to create an account, we need permission to add your email address to the app's registration list. Please fill out this form, giving us the email address you want to us for the app.

Please note, this update is a manual process. Allow 24-36 hours for your email address to be added. Once it's added, go to your profile page and select "Log In". Provide a first name, last name and email address. The email address must match the one your provided in the form above.  Once you provide your email address, Cvent will email you a verification code to that email. Enter it into the app to continue.


What notifications can I expect? The app should only send notifications we program and currently we have only three programmed: Registration opening, the Gala dance party opening and Bargain Basement opening. We encourage you to trust us and turn on notifications.

Why can't people see me? Your account visibility is turned off. If you wish to interact with other app participants, you need to go to your Profile and toggle that on that under Settings -> Privacy.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email [email protected]