About Costume College

Share your love of costuming!

Costume College is an annual three-day costuming arts conference created and produced by Costumer’s Guild West, Inc.

Costume College is a welcoming and non-competitive environment where attendees share and disseminate information/skills.
We offer lectures and workshops on all things costuming: from general sewing (pattern grading, setting sleeves, etc.) to historical construction methods (corsetry, petticoats, etc.) to time period overview classes to science fiction/fantasy costume construction.

All of our classes are taught by volunteers who enjoying sharing their knowledge on a particular topic.  Teacher volunteers come from our membership, local costumers and costume designers, industry personnel, costume related business owners, craftspeople specializing in costume related crafts, cosplayers, costume researchers, dress historians and sewing specialists. Invited guest teachers are usually experts in their field and are usually selected based upon their expertise tying in with the theme or bonus track for that particular year.
Along with the opportunity to learn new skills, we offer our attendees several social gatherings to show off their creations! We host a Welcome Party, a Friday Social, a Gala Dinner & Dance, and an Afternoon Tea (the Gala and the Tea each have a separate admission).
We also have a Marketplace filled with fabulous vendors who cater to costumers and an Exhibit Room filled with costumes created by our attendees. Both the Marketplace and Exhibit Room are open to the public and do not require a separate admission.
Costume College is the perfect opportunity to meet people who share a love of costuming! If you are thinking of coming to Costume College for the first time, take a look at our New Student page.