Costumes sometimes come in the form of characters with weapons, and in many cases, these weapons look quite real. Convention operations prefers that these items be peace bonded. A peace bond is a very visible lock or tie on a realistic looking weapon to make clear to security and to police that it is not intended to be used for violent purposes. The peace bond will usually come in the form of a zip tie over the trigger such that it couldn’t be pulled or holding a bladed weapon in the sheath. If you have a costume with a realistic-looking weapon, please stop into Ops to have them check it.

  • All weapons must conform to state and federal law.
  • All weapons must be non-functional.
  • Weapons may not be pointed at another person except in a non-threatening manner for the purposes of exhibition or photographs.
  • Weapons or Costumes that are deemed by Ops to be a safety hazard for any reason will be banned.
  • Use of a weapon in an inappropriate, negligent, or threatening manner is forbidden and may result in suspension of membership.
These policies are subject to change without notice.