Disability & Service Animal Policy


It is the policy of Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  We will not discriminate against any attendee of Costume College®.  We will also reasonably accommodate all attendees with disabilities unless the accommodations would cause an undue hardship to Costumer’s Guild West or the Sheraton Gateway Lost Angeles Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

If you require an accommodation for special needs covered under the ADA, you must notify Costumer’s Guild West and/or the Sheraton Gateway Lost Angeles Hotel no later than six (6) weeks before Costume College.  The person you need to notify of your special needs is the Hotel Liaison of Costume College by email at [email protected].

Additionally, we will keep the information regarding your condition and special needs confidential.  Only those members of the Costumer’s Guild West and the Sheraton Gateway Lost Angeles Hotel who are in a “need to know” position will be informed of your situation.


Dogs are the only service animals allowed at Costume College.  If you are bringing a service dog, please notify our Hotel Liaison at [email protected], and the Sheraton Gateway Lost Angeles Hotel in Los Angeles no later than six (6) weeks before Costume College.

Your dog will be allowed to be with you in most areas of the hotel, and Costume College, including classrooms, restrooms, the restaurant, lobby, Marketplace, Exhibits, and pool area, etc.  However, due to health and safety laws you cannot bring the dog into the pools, or in the gym area.

The handler must maintain control over the dog at all times, either physically by leash, harness or tether, or by voice, signal, or other means.  If the dog becomes uncontrollable (including repeated barking), or is not housebroken, the dog must leave the event.

The dog must always be with the handler and cannot be left behind in the hotel room.

If you do bring a support dog, please be considerate and understanding of others’ allergies to your dog, or not liking or being afraid of dogs.

Emotional support, therapy, comfort and companion dogs are not considered service animals, and will not be allowed at Costume College.  No other animals of any kind will be allowed at Costume College at any time.

Please contact the Sheraton Gateway Lost Angeles Hotel to discuss their policy regarding service dogs.

This policy may be changed at any time without notice.

Please visit https://www.ada.gov/regs2010/service_animal_qa.html for more information regarding service dogs.