By Howard LaBore, retired Sgt/Hostage Negotiator SDPD

We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time at Costume College. The world has become unpredictable as people are acting out in violent manners due to domestic and terror related issues. Large venues can be targets of these events. Your leadership wanted to share ideas with you in case an event like this happens at Costume College or any gathering you may be attending.

If you are in a situation:

  1. RUN: Know where the exits are at the event and have several different escape routes in mind in case your 1st choice is blocked. Once you have reached a safe place away from the incident, call “911” and give Law Enforcement any information that could help First Responders (location, number of suspect(s), suspect(s) description, weapons, any injuries).
  2. HIDE & BARRICADE: If you are unable to exit safely, find a room that can be locked from the inside. Put furniture/items blocking the door. Turn off the lights. Turn off cell phones. Be quiet. Wait till Law Enforcement arrives to escort you to safety.
  3. FIGHT: If confronted with a person trying to harm you, you need to fight for your life. Use anything available to defend/protect yourself (chairs, books, lamps). Control the hand with the weapon. Work as a team to control the suspect. We have not received any threats against our group and do not anticipate you needing to use these tactics but they are good safety precautions to keep in mind. Have a great time at Costume College.