How to Register as a Prospective Teacher 

& Submit Class Proposals

The Submission Period for Costume College 2024:  December 4, 2023 to January 20, 2024

Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a teacher for Costume College 2024! We’ve updated the class submission process, to help make things easier and faster which means some things have changed. To explain the new process we’ve created this walk-through.

Submitting class proposals is now a two-step process, (1) registering as a prospective teacher and (2) submitting class proposals.

Step 1: Register as a Prospective Teacher

1. Go to the Prospective Teacher Registration Form and sign-in using your CGW account/profile sign-in information. If you don’t have an account yet, you will need to create one using the New Users option to access the form. (Creating a new account/ profile through the New User option does not require you become a CGW member or pay for a CGW membership.) The Prospective Teacher Registration Form call also be accessed by going to CGW's website at

2. Complete the registration form. Information you will need to provide includes:

  • Contact Information you would like us to use for correspondences (This information will auto populate from your profile, so please review it to make sure it is accurate.)
  • 100-word (or less) Biography for inclusion in the Registration Information that is provided to prospective attendees
  • Maximum number of classes you would be willing to teach (if submitting more than 1 class proposal)
  • Availability for teaching during the event weekend (July 18-22, 2024)

3. After submitting your teacher registration form (you only need to submit this information once), you’ll receive a confirmation email and be redirected to the Class Proposal Submission Form.

Prospective Teacher Registration Form


Step 2: Submit Class Proposals

1. The Teacher Registration Form will redirect you to the Class Proposal Submission Form after you submit it or after you register as a teacher you can access the Class Proposal Submission Form at You will not be able to access the class proposal form until you register as a prospective teacher.

2. Sign-in using your CGW account/profile information.

3. Complete the Class Proposal Submission Form. The new form allows you to submit up to 4 class proposals per form. If you want to submit more than 4 class proposals or want to submit class proposals at different times, you may complete the form more than once. Note: some options on the form will only be available after you selected the class type. Information you’ll need to provide for each class you propose:

  • Class Type (Lecture or Workshop)
  • Class Name
  • 100-word (or less) Class Description for inclusion in the Costume College 2024 print and digital media
  • Class Length (you’ll have a variety of choices of lengths based on class type)
  • Workshop Class Size (maximum of 15 students)
  • Workshop Skill Level
  • Workshop Kit Contents and Price (price covers only the cost of supplies)
  • Materials and Supplies Students Must Bring Themselves
  • Equipment Requests from Costume College (protective coverings, irons and ironing boards, power strips, extensions cords)

4. After submitting your class proposal form you will receive a confirmation email.

Classes will be selected for scheduling in early January and you will be notified of which of your proposed classes have been scheduled and when via email to confirm that you are still willing to teach your class(es).

If you have questions regarding how to fill out the please email the Teacher Liaison at [email protected]