Trunk Show

For a second year, Costume College is offering an opportunity for our Costume College members who own or operate business too small to have a presence in the Costume College Marketplace for one reason or another, to sell their wares legally to Costume College members. (It is not within our contract with the Warner Center Marriott to allow selling in the hotel “bedrooms”). Each day of Costume College, there will be three time slots available for Trunk Show Vendors to display and sell their wares in the foyer of The Lounge, IE: Hidden Hills. Each Vendor will have 30 minutes to set up, 2 hours to sell and 30 minutes to break down. Mela will work with each Trunk Show participant to schedule a time that does not conflict with a limited attendance class or a class in which they are teaching.

The selection of merchants participating in the Costume College 2022 Trunk Show will be juried by the CGW Board and MUST be paid attendees of Costume College.  This decision has been made in response to the request of attendees, in an effort to better meet the needs of the Costume College participants and to provide a greater variety of merchandise offered. If you wish to be considered for inclusion in the 2022 Trunk Show, it is imperative that all of your paperwork be completed and received no later than May 23, 2022.


Trunk Show Merchant Application


All merchants will be limited to one six-foot table. Full payment for table space must accompany your application.  Merchant selection will take place by May 31, 2022. If you are not selected for the 2022 Trunk Show, your check will be promptly returned in full.

Should the merchant notify Costume College, in writing, of their intention to withdraw from the Trunk Show AT LEAST 15 days prior to Costume College, all fees shall be returned less a $15 per space administrative fee. Should such written notice occur less than 15 days prior to Costume College, all fees shall be forfeited.   

Merchant set-up will begin 30 minutes before their scheduled time slot to sell. They will have two (2) hours to sell and then 30 minutes to pack up and vacate. Your Trunk Show Pack-out will not be complete until your table and surrounding space has been cleaned of all refuse and trash and left in the same condition as found at Set-up. All table covers and table skirts shall be left on the table at the conclusion of the event. Lost or damaged table covers, and skirts shall be charged to merchant at a rate of $25 each. If trash is left in your space or it is not left in the same condition you received it in, you will be billed a $50.00 Cleaning Fee.

Please note that you are renting a defined table space, of a six-foot table within the Costume College Trunk Show held in the foyer of Hidden Hills. All merchandise and displays must be located within your table space to conform to Public Safety and Fire Regulations. If any items are found outside of your defined space, you will be required to rearrange your display to meet this requirement.

Costume College will comply with all local and state laws governing public safety, fire, and earthquake standards and in particular the Van Nuys Fire Marshall’s standards for conventions and public access. No Trunk Show table display can rise more than 7 feet (84 inches) from the floor. All displays, on the table, must be self-supporting and reasonably resistant to tipping or collapse if accidentally jostled. No display materials of any kind can be posted on the walls. No pets or other animals will be allowed in the Trunk Show AT ANY TIME (only licensed disabled-assistance animals will be permitted). Any merchant not complying with these rules (which also govern the layout of the space) can and will be asked to leave.

The Costume College 2022 Trunk Show is open to the general public, so feel free to spread the word to your friends and customers whether they are attending Costume College or not.

Trunk Show Merchant Application