Guest Teachers for 2022

Quincy R. Lehr

Quincy R. Lehr earned his Ph.D. In history from Columbia University in 2006 and has taught at the secondary and tertiary level in the U.S. and Ireland. He is also the author of four books of poetry and has been published as both a historian and poet in Europe, North America, and Australia.

He will be teaching two (2) 45-minute lecture classes on Friday, July 29th beginning at 10 am and 11 am, respectively:

  • "Trade, War, and Fashion: The Silk Road from the Bronze Age to the Roman Empire"
  • "Trade, War, and Fashion: The Silk Road from the Middle Ages to the 'Age of Discovery'"

Quincy R. Lehr portrait


Madame Askew

Madame is a time traveling tea aficionado, obsessed with tea, fashion & the proper uses for headgear. Whilst she is often the center of tea inspired escapades, especially Tea Duelling and Splendid Teapot Racing, and a dedicated advocate of Compliment Duelling, Madame loves nothing so much as meeting charming and talented individuals across time, throughout the universe, and in tea houses wherever she may appear whether virtually or in person.

When Madame is not preoccupied with tea, she operates a small atelier where she creates fanciful and charming bespoke garments, underpinnings, and hats for discerning time travelers. She is also quite delighted to teach sewing workshops and to host regular live sewing teatorials and sew-alongs in her virtual tea parlour. Whilst Madame has lost all sense of time spent within her workshop between time traveling adventures, she is most certain that it has been less than a century but more than a minute.  

Madame Askew